Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Urquhart Opticians works with a select number of partners to provide additional services to our valued clients. We are experts in eye care and in partnering with Castle Hearing, you are guaranteed the same high quality of service from a well-established and independent organisation. In addition, together we offer:

  • Personal Service – During a full consultation lasting 60-90 minutes, our audiologist will discuss your lifestyle and particular hearing difficulties, ensuring that the advice you receive is tailored to your individual needs.
  • Peace of Mind – We want you to have absolute confidence in choosing us to solve your hearing difficulties. That's why we provide full hearing tests free of charge and without obligation. Should you choose to entrust your hearing care to us, every hearing aid system comes with free lifetime aftercare & service, up to five years manufacturer's warranty and a comprehensive repair service. On the rare occasions that we cannot make our patients entirely happy with their new hearing aids, we also offer a full refund on returned orders up to 30 days after fitting.
  • Independent – Not being commercially tied to any individual manufacturer means we can supply any hearing aid available on the market, including Phonak, Widex, Oticon, Starkey, Unitron and ReSound.
  • Technology – Unlike some high street providers, we don't use outdated technology to make our prices look competitive. We dispense only the very latest hearing aids with first class patient care at internet prices.

Facts About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a challenge faced by many people and one that we want to help you with.

  • There are approximately 10 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss (1 in 6)
  • Around 2 million people use hearing aids
  • Most people suffer the effects of hearing loss for 10 years before doing anything about it
  • Age is the biggest factor (around 70% of people over the age of 70 have some degree of hearing loss), but noise exposure and medical issues can also contribute.
About Hearing Loss

Hearing Test – What Happens?

Hearing Test

After taking your medical history, the audiologist will spend time discussing your lifestyle and how your hearing difficulties affect different areas of your life.

He will examine your ears and then test your hearing by playing a series of sounds at different pitches and intensities. He will then give a clear explanation of the results.

If a hearing aid would be beneficial, the audiologist will take you through the options available and advise you on which would be most suitable for you and your specific needs.

Hearing Aids – What are the Options?

Hearing aid manufacturers offer a mind-boggling array of fitting styles and technology levels to suit the requirements of as wide a section of the population as possible. As a truly independent dispenser, we are able to provide literally any hearing aid currently available, and a large part of the audiologist's job is to guide and advise you on what would otherwise be an impossibly daunting choice. Moreover, if it transpires after fitting your hearing aids that another type would be more suitable for you, we will replace them free of charge for aids of the same technology level, ensuring that you are completely happy with the end result.

Hearing Aids

Ear Wax Removal by Microsuction

Many people frequently suffer the effects of excessive ear wax, including tinnitus, hearing loss and physical discomfort. We offer ear wax removal by microsuction, a technique which has several benefits over traditional syringing:

  • It's gentler and more comfortable.
  • It's quicker: it doesn't require the application of oil for days or weeks beforehand.
  • Less mess: no water is used in the ear canal.
  • It can be used repeatedly on patients for whom frequent syringing would be inadvisable, eg. those who have had ear surgery or have permanent perforations.
  • Video otoscopy allows you to see the results for yourself.

We will examine your ear canals and give you advice free of charge. If removal is appropriate, we can perform microsuction at a cost of £40 for one ear and £60 for both.

To book a consultation at any of our practices, please call 01563 525059

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